Digital Photo Assignment


Artist Statement

 For this assignment, I created an unreal portrait from photos taken at my boarding school in North Andover, Massachusetts two years ago.  I chose this sequence of photos because I like the sense of strength, structure and balance they portray.  The lighting, coloring, and content also appeal to me.   Using Adobe Photoshop CS3, I reconstructed a scene in which four people appear two times in different poses.  I cut the main photograph into different layers sectioned by body parts.  Then, I inserted new layers of the same four characters in different poses from three different pictures.  I overlapped, resized, and modified levels and brightness of the layers to achieve the best representation of impossible reality.  Then, using the healing brush, burn tool, dodge tool, and blur tool, I sealed the layers together.


To me, this new assemblage of objects still embodies strength and structure, but it adds an element of chaos and vigor.  The portrayal of duality was something I wanted to explore and I feel that this piece embodies it without making a direct copy of each object.  I tried to avoid a “mirrored” sort of duality and strived to depict more of an energetic explosion of contortions and defiance against gravity.  Energy inspires and feeds the majority of my photographs, and I wanted to take it to the next level with this piece.


~ by Kiki on April 21, 2009.

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