Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is an American artist, photographer, model and filmmaker of the 21st century. Many of her most successful pieces are self portraits in which she dresses up in extravagant, historical, modern, or even simple wardrobes and costumes.  Throughout the wide array of shots she has taken, it is difficult for even the viewer to recognize Sherman as the same person in all of them!  Through taking photos of herself in costume and disguise, Sherman seems to become completely different people and more importantly, seems to find humor and joy in the process.  In 1989, she produced the Sex series, in which she rearranged and photographed different parts of medical mannequins.  She clearly has an intense passion for photography and enjoys this process of disguise, whether it portrays something happy, comical, surprising, dark, or even gory.  Although many viewers consider her work to be feminist, Cindy Sherman declares that she does not think of it like that and prefers to disregard how some people have regarded her work.Cindy Sherman


~ by Kiki on April 1, 2009.

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