John Baldessari and Sophie Calle

These two photographers both focused on the story and content behind their pictures, not necessarily the process of taking the pictures.  Originally a painter,Baldessari decided/realized that he was more capable of accomplishing his artistic goals through photography instead of painting, so he abruptly ended his


 career as a painter and took up photography.  He tries to show everything in its natural state, avoiding poses and fakeness.  I liked what he said about not trying to make everything look beautiful with his pictures, he just wanted to capture reality.  He juxtaposed language to each of his photos  and believed that each photo screamed one specific word at its viewers.

Calle’s photography is all about the story behind the pictures.  Her spontaneity and enthusiasm towards stalking random people and photographing them without them knowing is intriguing.  She is very willing to try new things and take risks that many others would not.  Her scheming and plotting involved with hiring a private detective to photograph her was a brilliant idea and shows her detective-like abilities.  Her photos exhibit human vulnerability, identity, and intimacy, in the words of Wikipedia.NBL by Sophie Calle


~ by Kiki on March 25, 2009.

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