Narrative Screenings 2

Alex Bag “untitled ‘95”: This piece was very similar to a documentary.  Alex, playing an art student at SVU, says like and or something five million times while realistically playing a teenage college student trying to figure out what to do with her life and exploring the art field.  She drones on and on in her own world during the updates and you can see her trying to figure things out while she’s talking.  This piece is very realistic.  The pattern and rhythm of the content in general, alternating between her productions and her interviews makes it easy to follow as a viewer.  Each of her works differed from the one beofore it and she seems to be exploring many different techniques and going through different phases as an artist.  Her productions included: Call Me (with her on the telephone under extremely white/bright lights and her seductively talking on the phone with random people, telling  them how she really feels), two punk rock singers thinking of a song and yelling simultaneously, and the bunnies killing Annie (exhibiting strong irony and humor). Many of her pieces show tension between the attractiveness of youth culture and the disgust in it, demonstrating the struggles of growing up and finding purpose.  This link leads to another interesting blog on her work: 

Miranda July “The Amateurist”: This is my favorite screening EVER!!!!  Whilst watching, I sat there holding my laughter in until I burst.  The element of surveillance was very present, in which the woman plays a professional monitoring a strange girl who she has never had contact with her and tries to feel connection with.  The piece explored different methods of communication, lighting, imagery, etc.  July also plays with space by representing the life of the girl confined to a small room with checkerboard walls through a tv.  Because it was so hard to find meaning and try to figure it out what was going on, the woman who took the entire process so seriously and felt like she was really effecting society was incredibly humorous. Some relationships between characters and their reactions could be drawn but others not so much.  I thought the extreme non-conventionality was absolutely hilarious, especially the passion/idiocy that the woman sending the numbers and analyzing the girls actions showed.  I cracked up when she thought she was really onto something and got passionate about things that made no sense.  Amateurist


~ by Kiki on February 25, 2009.

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