Head and Felix in Exile

Head: This narrative demonstrates a very clear concept through obvious content that the audience instantly takes meaning from.  The audio and video complement each other and send a very provocative/dirty/erotic interpretation of head.  The audio definitely enhances her actions and the audience’s reaction.

Felix in Exile: Although i had a dificult time drawing meaning from this piece, i was very entertained and intrigued by it.  Thoughts included: color makes it feel old and lifeless, content=homeless man and fluttering papers, audio and video complement one another, lonliness, isolation, lack of color and use of shading, red is very prominent, changing level of sound brings about waves of emotion, blue of water brought life to the movie, the sharp drawing noises were very loud and sour…..the movement of eyes is creepy, looks like they are looking at you, the black blood is very heavy.


~ by Kiki on February 25, 2009.

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